DeWalt 20V MAX ToughPods In-ear Headphones

DeWalt TOUGHPODS in-ear headphones

While other manufacturers dabble in wireless in-ear headphone technology that measures runtime in mere hours, the new DeWalt 20V Max ToughPods deliver 3 months of continuous runtime thanks to powerful 20V Max battery technology.

“We just weren’t happy with half-day runtime we saw with most industry in-ear headphones. The batteries are way too small. We wanted something that could last much longer,” said a representative for DeWalt. “The DeWalt ToughPods use standard 20V MAX batteries so you can run them for several weeks or even months before having to recharge them!”

DeWalt 20V MAX TOUGHPODS earphones

DeWalt ToughPods Weight and Durability

When asked about hanging nearly two pounds of weight from your ears, DeWalt replied by saying “When it comes to runtime, no sacrifice is too great.” DeWalt also recommends users pair the 20V ToughPods with their PowerStack batteries which shave as much as 25% off the size of a regular DeWalt pack. For those too weak to handle the ToughPods solo, each set of 20V in-ear headphones also includes a Velcro headband strap to secure it to your skull while relieving pressure from your ear canal.

Priced at $399 for the ToughPods without a battery, you can also find them kitted with a 1.7Ah PowerStack battery for around $499. They go on sale April 1, 2022. DeWalt is also working on a more powerful set of FlexVolt 60V ToughPods that should be ready later in the year and which feature integrated ear warmers for the winter months.

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